This is Dragon’s Tail. It is a game that doesn’t meet all too often, but I play with a group of guys who’ve been gaming together for a long time.

The Concept

Dragon’s Tail is a game with no gods and no metal. The world is ruled by an empire of goblinoids, which the party now knows to be truly led by dragons. The beginning of the game was a session where the party escaped as children from the slave camp of the player races where they were forced to farm and forage for their goblin masters. Now, they seek to protect the hidden farming village which they now call home. To learn more, check the wiki, whenever I get that up and running.


Since this space is a knowledge base for the PCs, only information that the PCs have already been told or made checks for is available here. Thus, many definitions may seem very vague, that is due by design choice in many instances.

Party Status

The is still in the region of Lenca. Traveling by caravan with the Hurlers, the party is near the trading ground. The group is helping defend the caravan by an unknown legion of goblins. They have also been attacked by some gnolls.

The Dragon's Tail