There is little to no metal in the Dragon’s Tail. Only the empire seems to have access to bronze as for the creation of arms, armor, and tools. Non-imperial groups must make do with natural materials. Equipment is available from all 3.5 sources, and the PCs have already snuck some form of lizard scale armor under my nose that was a light armor similar to a chain shirt.

It should be noted that despite having appropriate craft skills. Players do not know how to smelt or craft with bronze without being taught. This means all bronze gear will be found, scavenger, stolen or gifted to the group. Items which are meant to be built from iron, but are instead built from other materials suffer the penalties listed below.

Material To-hit To-damage
Wood -2 -2
Bone -1 -1
Stone -1 -1
Bronze -1 0
Bone gear provides only half skill bonus

More materials may come available as the game progresses. They will be added to the materials table here. Any material listed can be enchanted, but unless otherwise stated, the penalties remain.


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