Seven Fists

Dorgan has revealed to Rork that the group of monks to which he belonged is one known as the Stolen Fist. According to imperial tales, the monks of the stolen fist were initially slaves to the imperial monks who stole their training by watching the younger initiates. The slaves then were able to escape imprisonment using their rudimentary skills, and have continued to hand them down outside of the empire from slave to slave, forming a weak and imperfect art. They are called the monks of the stolen fist for their skill being stolen from the imperial goblinoids.

The history as told by Dorgan is much different. The monks of the stolen fist were started by a hobgoblin, but not in the way suspected. The hobgoblin whose name has been forgotten in time, known only as the Betrayer, studied under a master of unarmed combat who was willing to take on any student when the world fell to ruin. The Betrayer became a master monk, and fought alongside the other races until the fledgling empire was seeking recruits. They convinced the betrayer to train goblinoids in the martial arts to defeat and enslave his master and peers. The promise of great power led the Betrayer to accept, and the old order to which he belonged was destroyed. The betrayer then set up seven schools of martial arts in the empire to separate specialties in styles to become a superior teacher than his own master. However, in the twilight of his life, the Betrayer came to regret what he had done, and trained the slave who had become closest to him in his old age. After he passed on the secrets of monastic combat, the betrayer set up a large tournament between himself and the young master of the seven schools he created. The tournament was a diversion to allow his slave student a chance to escape. During the tournament, his plot was discovered after the slave had escaped. The seven masters killed the betrayer, but it was too late. The betrayer had by then already freed a monk to redeem the art he had stolen for the empire and, in doing so, stolen its integrity as well.

Every monk of the stolen fist seeks to defeat the current masters of the seven schools which serve the empire. Each bears a pauldron denoting their school.

Master Known Status
Content Not Found: Kors Encoutnered Undefeated

Seven Fists

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